Welcome to Sycamore Class!

My name is Miss Freeman and I teach Sycamore Class. We are very lucky to have Mrs Pilbrow helping with our learning. Sycamore is the middle class of the school and teaching year 2 and year 3 children.


Dear Parents,

This year we will be thinking about being scientists and investigating the forces that shape the world around us. In maths we are thinking about place value and how it helps us add and subtract. In Sycamore we will be telling the time, both in digital and analogue. This is an area that many children find challenging, drawing attention to clocks and time at home will help prepare them for this subtopic.

P.E. with the sports coaches will be taking place on Thursday afternoons; this will be multi-skills leading to team games. The other P.E. session will be on Tuesdays where we will be developing our dance skills.

Spellings and mental maths (times tables or number bonds) will be given out on Wednesdays with spelling and maths tests on Mondays. Please feel free to encourage your child to use their large yellow homework book as a practice space for these, the front of the book should have some suggestions of different ways to learn.

Our other piece of homework this half term will be a project linking in to our topic theme, I will be sending out some details about this soon.

Once they have been given out, your child’s reading book and yellow reading record should be coming into school and going home every day. This book is designed to be a record of every time your child reads with an adult during the year. When your child reads to you please record it here, even if it wasn’t their school reading book.

Please attempt to practice spellings and tables with your child daily alongside reading. This will help them to feel prepared for weekly tests and allow them to commit what they are learning to memory. Oral practice during spare moments can be equally helpful to written practice in developing your child’s ability to recall number facts quickly.

As children get 9 or 10/10 on a maths test they will move list. Tests will be in a mixed order and will use lots of different words, sometimes children will be trying inverse lists answering questions such as “How many tens in forty?”

The spelling lists your child is given may be based on target words for their age group, topic words, or words they know but forget to spell correctly in their writing.

If you have any questions please come and see me.

Kind Regards

Miss Freeman