“During his time at this school, I have seen my child’s confidence and ability develop in a nurturing and caring environment.”
Parent of child in Elm Class

At the start of each child’s learning journey at Chilmark & Fonthill Bishop School, we follow the National Early Years Foundation Curriculum, which is based on the principle that each child is unique. Alongside this is the recognition that establishing positive relationships and providing an enabling environment for children to learn and develop are essential.

Whilst continuing these important themes throughout school life, as children progress after Reception year the emphasis moves to the framework provided by the National Curriculum Core Subjects.  Together with our Christian values, we work very hard to link together common themes creatively each term, in order to allow cross-curricular links to be used to reinforce learning and understanding.

We offer an active and practical approach to learning and we endeavour to provide a variety of experiences, both within and outside the school environment.  Children can participate in educational trips, dance workshops, Science Days, theatre trips, sessions with visiting theatre groups and story tellers, Book Weeks, visiting speakers, charity days and whole-school theme days.  We also offer a wide range of after-school activity clubs.

Subjects taught as part of the National Curriculum include Maths, English, Science, Computing, Religious Education, History, Geography, Design & Technology, Art & Design, Music, Physical Education, Spanish, Personal Social Health Education & Citizenship.

“The best thing about our school is the school clubs. They have lots of fun things for us to do.”
Lucy, Year 6