We try to offer a range of different clubs during the school year. Here are some examples of current and recent Clubs that have been successful at our school.

Art Club

This is a new Club that started in the spring term. It is led by a Local Artist and helps children to develop a range of exciting 2d and 3d art skills. 


The KS2 Football Club is run by our sports coaches and helps to prepare pupils for competing in inter-school and county football tournaments.


The Multi-Skills Club is run by an external coach and helps children to develop the skills required to play a range of sports such as rugby, football, tennis etc.

Tennis Club

This Club is run by the local tennis coach Ian Griffin. Open to all ages, this Club has expanded allowing more pupils to take part.

Coding Club

This exciting Club allows pupils to explore the use of coding making use of scratch and other coding tools - skills for the 21st century, with a firm focus on fun!

Running Club

We take all ages out of the school grounds and into the local countryside for Running Club. We usually cover 2 miles with our run, walk, run approach to running as a group of mixed age and mixed ability runners.

Musical Theatre

This Club is open to all abilities and focuses on modern music with a twist of theatre and performance. Our musical director also runs local choirs and theatrical groups.

Choir Club

This Club is run by Mr Sutcliffe, our Music Governor, it is invitation only so we do not charge a fee to those who attend.