Oak Class

Welcome to Oak Class!

My name is Miss Hooper and I am the class teacher of Oak. In Oak we are lucky to have 3 other adults to help us with our learning; Miss Lane, Miss Kirkland and Mrs Martin.

Our little acorns are a mixture of Reception and Year 1 children and together we encourage each other to do our very best and to be the best we can be. As a class we spend a lot of time working together in small groups and we enjoy hands on learning both in and outside of the classroom.

Summer Term – Topic: Water

In English this term we will be exploring our water topic by looking at water based myths and legends. We are going to be looking at the Scottish/Icelandic legend of the Selkie. To help us we will be watching Song of the Sea which is a beautiful animated story of a young Selkie child.  We will also be reading 'Can you Catch a Mermaid?' By Jane Ray to explore the legend that is the mermaid. These will then help us to write our very own version of a water  myth/legend.

In Mathematics this term we will be focusing on number and place value (hundreds/tens and units). We will be also be practicing our addition and subtraction skills up to 100 and extending this to multiplication (x2/x5/x10 tables) and division.

In Science we will be carrying on nurturing our very own bean/pea plants in our outside area and we will be continuing to spend lots of time planting various flowers and vegetables ready to sell at our Summer Fayre. We will also be looking at different types of trees (deciduous and evergreen) and going on our very own plant walk.

In the foundation subjects this term we will also be focusing on the topic of water. In Art we will be using the famous artist, Monet as a stimulus to create our own 3D water lilly scene using marble paints and tissue paper. In D&T we are going to be planning/making and evaluating our own boats to test in our water tray. Lastly, in geography we are going to be looking at the worlds oceans/what lives within them and starting a class project where we look at the differences and similarities (land/weather/culture etc) between the UK and Iceland.



Year 1 will continue to receive spellings every Friday and the tests will take place the following Friday. The spellings will be stuck into their green spelling books which are inside the children’s reading folders. We ask that the children are given the opportunity to practice these at home at least twice during the week leading up to the test. We also ask that you continue to read with your child at least twice a week at home as this also has a serious impact on their work in school.

Year 1 will also continue to receive a formal piece of homework every two weeks. The first homework will be sent out on Friday 28th April and will need to be handed in by the 5th May. This will be stuck into their green homework books so please be vigilant. Please do not spend more than 20 minutes on the homework. It is not designed to be a labour intensive task – it is just a way of consolidating the children's learning. We like the children to be as independent as possible so please do not feel you have to correct every spelling/punctuation error. Homework should be an enjoyable task and it is a chance for you to see what your child/children are capable of. Mistakes are a good to allow we to see where the children are going wrong and it allows me to see their thought process.

Reception will have their reading books sent home every evening and we ask that they are listened to as much as possible. However, sometimes they may have some extra phonics/number activities sent home with them to consolidate their learning in a specific area so please be vigilant.

This term PE will take part every Thursday with our Coach, Tom. So please make sure PE kits are in on this day. We still have limited PE spares so please make sure that if your child is borrowing that you return the kit washed and ready as soon as possible. Thank you!


Show and Tell:

Show and Tell will continue to take place every Friday afternoon. Group 2 will start the cycle this term. Please make sure that your child has something to show on their allocated week. As our topic is water we would love to see some water-based show and tell items! Please see the show and tell timetable for more information.