The Department for Education website does not update the School Performance data until December, however our results for the academic year 2017 from 2016 are as shown. In 2018 we had no students in year 6 so there are no reported results.

Governors and leadership have a detailed and close monitoring system in place to track progress and we are pleased to report that all pupils are making good or better individual progress as they move through the school.

Outcomes at Year 6 are significantly better and reflect the school’s raised standards and high expectations..

2018 combined maths/reading/writing score NA 2017 combined maths/reading/writing score 60% 2016 combined 44%
2018 writing NA 2017 writing 90% 2016 writing 55%
2018 reading NA 2017 reading 80% 2016 reading 66%
2018 spelling and grammar NA 2017 spelling and grammar 70% 2016 spelling and grammar 33%
2018 maths NA 2017 maths 60% 2016 maths 55%